Proposal: Retire duplicate "Harvard" styles harvard1.csl & harvard7de.csl

Hi Carles and others,

I’m coming back to this now, partly because we’re getting a ton of "error"
reports from Mendeley users about Harvard1… I’d love for it to be removed
as a default option for Mendeley entirely, since people misunderstand this
so badly. If you want a Harvard default style, you could either go with
Cite them Right or, as Zotero does, with elsevier-harvard.

That’s not actually why I’m writing, though. I’d like to go ahead and make
the change you propose above, i.e. make Harvard1 a dependent style, but
unless there are objections, I’d like to map it to harvard-cite-them-right,
which is the closes we have to a “standard” among UK Harvards and our style
is in very good shape, better than e.g. the Anglia-Ruskin one. The downside
is that the guide isn’t publicly available (though I own a copy).

Absent any objections, I’ll do this next weekend. (And please do consider
removing Harvard1 as a default…)



Making harvard1 a dependent style on the other one works for us, thank you!