Elsevier styles


I guess that mainly all of you know the news regarding Elsevier and Mendeley:

One of the firsts things that I did is to ask for the list of Journal
Names, ISSN, Abbreviation and citation style (obviously!)

I plan to do something similar to Charles Parnott’s work for Springer journals.

The list contains about 1600 journals with styles that we have (APA,
AMA, etc.). I need to verify that their understanding of “APA” is the
same as CSL. There are other journals without style or with
information that says “No Standard”, I’ll follow up on these ones too.
I don’t know how many duplicates we have.

I don’t know when I’ll have some time to work on this but I hope that
soon… stay tuned.

And thanks again for all the work from someone (Rintze and Sebastian
in the styles front, Frank with the citeproc-js and a long etc.).
Without each of you nothing would be possible!

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excellent news. We have a relatively large number of Elsevier styles on the
repository. Most of them follow one of 6 styles that we have on the
repository (all starting with “Elsevier” so they’re easy to find). See if
any of their descriptions match up to those styles. My experience from
style requests is that 9 out of 10 Elsevier journals follow one of those
styles, so they should cover most of the list.
SebastianOn Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 8:33 AM, Carles Pina <@Carles_Pina>wrote:

I’d be happy to help with the final steps once you have a list. Check in CSL utilities the kind of info we gathered for the automatic generation of styles. The bottom line is to get a tab-delimited file with all the relevant information, as shown with all the _journals.tab files in the directory generate_dependent_styles of the repository.




The styles are in the repository, thanks to Rintze and Sebastian for the help.

Only the styles that didn’t cause any conflict (new journals) were
committed. My next step will be to cleanup existing Elsevier styles in
the repo (with the guidance of Rintze and Sebastian indeed). My goal
is that all the Elsevier styles are generated by the Charles’s script
so it’s easier to maintain.


excellent. One more step towards world domination! Let me know if I
can help you check anything before future commits.
I’ve also contacted Sage to see if they have a list - they also have a
number of generic styles.

Good luck with Sage.
Since we have the styles for the journals of different big publishers
I hope that other publishers (all sizes) will want to join the party.