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Hi all,

I have just committed some initial work on bringing all the Springer journals to CSL. With the Mekentosj/Springer ties now in full play, we managed to get a nice list from the publication side of the business, with a list of 1422 journals (some of them are of course already in the repo, something I need to determine as well). There are more details in this commit:

What is left to do is to:

  1. check if we need additional parent styles for the few styles used throughout their publications (these styles are described in great details in one of the PDFs
  2. tweak the journal data a bit to have proper info on the parent style, the category and the citation format

I can handle 2. all by myself, and can make some progress on 1., but if some of you want to have a look, and come up with parent styles for each of the Springer styles, that would be great. I am not very good at spotting subtle differences between the standard APA/Chicago/Vancouver, and any subtle modifications they have made.

We already have 4 different Springer-specific parent styles in the repo, so those could also be used as a starting point (and maybe renamed to match the Springer naming).

What do you guys think?

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Charles Parnot
twitter: @cparnot

I had a quick look:
The “Springer Basic” style from the Key Notes is our "Springer (Author
The “Springer Vancouver” style is not at all equivalent to our “Springer
Vancouver” (cf. e.g. the date placement) - we’d have to check on that and
see what we use the Springer Vancouver for. The style they call Vancouver
is actually very similar to regular Vancouver.
The Springer “MathPhys” style is close but not equivalent to the Springer
LNCS style (and I checked, the LNCS style is correct)
The Springer “Physics” styles is very close to the American Institute of
Physics or American Physics society (we’d have to check e.g. formatting of
numbers in text and bibliography, otherwise the two are identical)
The Springer “SocPsyc” style is a simplified APA version - we probably need
to code that
The Springer “Humanities” style is a variant of Chicago (author date) -
they say 15th edition, which might mean some significant divergence, we’d
have to check.

I don’t have any insight on how the Springer “Plasmonics” and "Protocols"
styles fit in.

Hope that helps,
SebastianOn Thu, Feb 7, 2013 at 6:18 AM, Charles Parnot <@Charles_Parnot>wrote:

Hi Sebastian,

Thanks very much. This is extremely useful. I will sort through these, and will get back to the group if I have more questions.

Regarding existing styles, I will likely just keep what is already there when it’s not clear that using a new dependent style is better, and only submit new styles (which should represent ~1300 styles). I don’t know if I will be handle the “Humanities” styles, though, as it’s really far from my area of expertise, which remains pretty narrow…

I’ll keep the list posted!



I’m happy to code the Springer humanities style, let you know once I have
it done.
SebastianOn Mon, Feb 11, 2013 at 1:39 AM, Charles Parnot <@Charles_Parnot>wrote:

Thanks very much, Sebastian!

I have been working on a local branch ‘springer’ on this stuff, because of the larger number of styles involved and the many ways it can go wrong. I meant to never push this branch to the repo, and merge with master instead once done, but the branch was published accidentally to github. I know you guys don’t want to pollute the tree too much, so I apologize for that. I am not sure how to remove a remote branch. I am sure it’s possible, but I fear I might mess things up.

Anyway, it’s not there yet, but I will let you know if/when I am ready to merge into master…


I’m not particularly worried about having an extra branch right now, but

I am not sure how to remove a remote branch. I am sure it’s possible, but
I fear I might mess things up.

git push origin :<branchname>
deletes a remote branch.On Thu, Mar 7, 2013 at 2:01 PM, Charles Parnot <@Charles_Parnot>wrote:

Or https://github.com/blog/1377-create-and-delete-branches

Thanks! I’ll probably do that when done with the branch, then :slight_smile:


I have worked on the Springer styles for a Papers2 update, and while not perfect, we have decided to include those new styles in the new release. Before merging the Springer branch into master, I wanted to explain the status of those styles.

I have only added new styles, and updated styles that were not affected by the list provided by Springer. There are still a number of Springer journals for which I have decided to not update the style based on the list.

Some of the parent style still need some work. But again, I have only created new parent styles, and have left unchanged the few Springer parent styles used so far. The naming of the new parent style is based on the style names provided by Springer, and is following a consistent pattern.

Finally, there are still some issues with numbered citation styles. I realized as I was working on the styles, that not all journals actually use numbers in brackets, but some use parentheses or superscript. We wanted the styles out for the Papers2 update, so this has not been addressed. I will have to wait for more information from Springer to solve the problem.

Now, my question: given all the above, should I merge the springer branch into master?

Thanks for your input!


It would make my life slightly easier if you waited another week or
two. I’ll give a shout once I’m done looking over the existing
dependent styles.