Proposal: Retire duplicate "Harvard" styles harvard1.csl & harvard7de.csl

Following up from a discussion at, I’d
like to propose removing two duplicate “Harvard” styles
from the github and Zotero CSL style file repositories:

harvard1.csl is a almost-duplicate of harvard-anglia-ruskin-university.csl;
both are based on,

harvard7de.csl (German) is a almost-duplicate of
harvard-institut-fur-praxisforschung-de.csl; both are based on

(the second link is dead, redirecting to, so this is/was clearly the same

My proposal is to keep only those with the more specific style names -
harvard-anglia-ruskin-university.csl and
harvard-institut-fur-praxisforschung-de.csl - and to remove harvard1.csl
and harvard7de.csl entirely.

Huge bonus: Getting rid of styles with overly generic names such as
harvard1.csl and harvard7de.csl would reinforce the important message that
there is no such thing as a single, official Harvard style, removing a very
common source of confusion among students and, sadly enough, librarians and
certain brands of commercial library and referencing software, too. See
“Note that many style guides use the confusing term “Harvard” to refer to
author-date formats, even though most of these styles have no connection
to Harvard University. There is also no such thing as a single official
“Harvard” style.”

Any platforms where harvard1 seems popular would have to inform their users
that they should switch to harvard-anglia-ruskin-university.csl (or some
other author-date style) instead.

Are there any objections?

To follow up on this–as I told Nick in the Zotero thread, our biggest
concern here is Mendeley and any other product that uses Harvard1 as one of
the default styles. We’d obviously include a redirect in the
renamed-styles.json, but the formatting of the style would change for
users. So we’d particularly want to hear from the reference managers here.

From a purely CSL perspective, we’d definitely want to go ahead and remove
those styles.


I had a quick look: harvard1.csl is the second most used style by
Mendeley users (data from 1 or 2 years but I don’t expect this to
change much).

Very sadly at Mendeley we are not using the renamed-styles.json for
what I remember. I’ll open a ticket but I’m not sure when this could
be done.
Having harvard1.csl a dependent style from
harvard-anglia-ruskin-university.csl would be a good user experience
for us - but not much correct for the CSL project.