In anon articles, upcase the first word of the title, and show only the first word in the citation

The style we use in Brazil is known as ABNT, the rules for styling the bibliography is set on NBR 6023:2018, and the citation on NBR 10520-2002.

There are many ABNT styles in the CSL github repository, but none renders anon articles correctly.

In the bibliography it is supposed to have the first word of the title uppercased, if there is an article word (a, an, the), that is also included in the uppercasing. When citing it, only the first word should be shown and the rest replaced by “…”, as shown bellow:

(A MAMMOTH…, 2004, p. 21–24)

A MAMMOTH guilt trip: Criminalising the American company. The Economist, p. 21–24, 2004.

(A FLOR…, 1995, p. 4)

A FLOR Prometida. Folha de S. Paulo, São Paulo, p. 4, 21 abr. 1995.

(NOS CANAVIAIS…, 1995, p. 2)

NOS CANAVIAIS, mutilação em vez de lazer e escola. O Globo, Rio de Janeiro, 16 Jul. 1995. O País,
p. 12.

I looked into CSL documentation but I could not find a way to do this styling, it doesn’t seem to be currently possible.

CSL can’t do this algorithmically and there aren’t any similar functionalities that are currently implemented, so if we’re going to do this, it’d definitely not be super soon.

You can do this using custom data entry, i.e. adding the title with the first words in all caps and the subsititle as the form used in the citation.

Sorry for taking long to reply.

I was first thinking it could be possible if there were some regex tools, like:
<text variable="title" select="/^((o|a|os|as|nos|nas|um|uns|uma|umas|à|dos|das|the|an|le|la|l'|les|der|die|das|des|dem|den|ein|eine|einer|eineseinem|einen|il|lo|l'i|gli|del|dello|della|dell'dei|degli|degl'|delle|un'|uno|una|un|los|las|el|unos|unas) )?\w+/i" text-case="uppercase" />

But then reading the ABNT documentation again, it says it is not only article words that are included but also monosyllable words, and this complicates even more as there are over 600 monosyllable words in portuguese and there are probably some homograph words that can be either monosyllable or dissyllable, this is not even taking in account the other languages.

I avoid using articles without articles, but as I plan to create an style to share with others, I will do as you said, using a custom field for what is used in the citation.

Still, having some regex would allow to select only the first words that was capitalized by the user.


Anyway, just my two cents. :v: