Implicit suppression of title-case on lowercase first char

There is a discussion of the issue in the subject line on the Better BibTeX tracker.

Curious what people’s views are on the issue.

Chicago Manual, which we usually follow, is not entirely clear on this: says

Brand names or trademarks spelled with a lowercase initial letter followed by a capital letter need not be capitalized at the beginning of a sentence or heading; (…) Chicago draws the line, however, at names in all lowercase; in order to signal that such a term is in fact a proper noun, an initial capital should be applied even midsentence

The name of a computer package is, arguably, a brandname. But I don’t feel strongly about this. @bwiernik could you chime in here? Does APA have something to say on this?

APA regards the proper casing of a brand name or other proper noun as the provenance of the brand/entity. So from my example, psychmeta should always be in lower case because that is the name of the package. “Psychmeta” is a possible different package entirely. I think Chicago is entirely offbase on this issue.