Sentence case formatting

Dear all,

I have a question about textcase formatting in this test case:

Where the string “This is a Pen that…” is expected to match “This is a
pen that…” in text-case “sentence”. I’m confused about the word "pen"

In the spec it says:

For lower or mixed case strings, the first character of the first word
is capitalized if the word is lowercase. The case of all other words
stays the same.

So shouldn’t “Pen” still be capitalized, since the case of all other
words stays the same?



odd. We’ve always had sentence-case lowercasing everything but the first
letter. That’s one of the reasons we discourage people from using it.
@Rintze - do you remember if this was always in the specs like this.

Somewhat related to this, for title case conversion the spec says:

For uppercase strings, the first character of the string remains
capitalized. All other letters are lowercased.

Yet, there are multiple test cases which do not touch uppercase strings,

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The change for sentence case was made based on this thread:

The prescribed algorithm could probably be improved, though.