[dev-biblio] CSL mockup


What is this to be developed in? Is it web-based or OO.o based?

Ultimately probably both. I want a web repository at some point, and
OO.o probably needs a local editor too.

This wouldn’t happen until both CiteProc and CSL are stable and
released, of course. I just thought it makes sense to keep the GUI
ideas in sight, and also that having a mockup can make it easier for
someone to pick up and implement when the time comes.


I should add that there are come exciting things going on the realm of
web standards and design that could make for a pretty nice web
interface. I’m thinking about stuff like xml-httprequest and
javascript, and maybe xforms.

OO.o even has xforms support coming in 2.0, though it’s currently
document/end-user oriented.