CSL editor feedback

ccing list …

So WRT to Rintze’s point on visualization, random thoughts:

  1. do we need the explicit “layout” nodes? I imagine you do this to
    include the attributes, or not, but am wondering if it’s possible to achieve
    the same thing otherwise; maybe by having select lists that are blank by

We’ll have a think about this. Is there a good reason why the layout node
can’t be a group node? They seem very similar in functionality, and it would
be one less thing for a user to understand.

Perhaps, though they do differ a bit functionally.

  1. I do get tripped up by the nested groups, and trying to understand what
    they mean. Perhaps this is the primary issue?

This is fundamental to the design of CSL. I’d love to figure out a simpler
way to display this but haven’t yet managed to think of one.

Perhaps one observation is just to say different node types have
different functions, so perhaps if there were a way to more clearly
distinguish groups from other (and in particular rendering) nodes?