'strict' schema branch, more CSL editing thoughts

So re: my earlier point on macros and layout design, it’s since
occurred to me that if I had my druthers, I would modify the cs:layout
element to only allow cs:text children. It might well be unrealistic
at this point to actually make this change, but I’ve created a
’strict’ branch of the schema just to formalize it for the curious.

I’d be thrilled if everyone loved this idea and I could merge it to
trunk; but I won’t hold my breath :wink:

What might this mean for, say, Fred’s work? It would mean simplifying
the “field order” UI (and maybe folding it into the citation and
bibliography panels)*, and breaking out some of the more complex
formatting details into a new “macros” panel. The macros panel would
then have pre-set options and defaults for each, and a “custom” option
where users could get into the nitty gritty if they needed to.


  • see attached for what it would look like. The selectors would only
    be macro names; not (Zotero) variables, as they currently are. BTW,
    Fred: would be nice to right-align the prefix field text on this.