csl mods, take 2

OK, I’ve made further changes to CSL, including:

- renaming cs:layout to cs:item-layout, and cs:organization to  

- removed cs:terms wrapper, but added a more general cs:general wrapper
- removed all the child wrappers there (cs:locators, etc.)
- moved cs:et_al to be a child of cs:names

Am still contemplating making the cs:dates element much more compact;
perhaps just a single cs:months element there.

My intention is that this cover all the features we’d need for a 1.0
release. The big addition, of course, is the multibib-like support for
grouping in the reference list.

Thoughts? Here’s a minimal example (missing most of the meat, but
showing the structure):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <?oxygen RNGSchema="file:/Users/darcusb/projects/citeproc/schemas/ citationstyle.rnc" type="compact"?>

Some Title

<et_al renderas=“et al.”/>

<use-et_al min-authors=“4” use-first=“3”/>

<use-et_al min-authors=“4” use-first=“3”/>


Primary Sources

Published Sources

Unpublished Sources

Secondary Sources