CSL 1.0?

So what do we need to call CSL 1.0? Off the top of my head, I’m

  1. add sort to citation

  2. change cs:name to cs:names

  3. make sure the localization stuff is right in the schema(s)

  4. add some more styles to ensure it’s all right

  5. move the styles to a good location, and create Atom feeds for them

That it?

Oh, and sometime we need real documentation :wink:


Did we ever solve the issue with book title italicization in the citation?
We also need to completely clear up the comma issue I brought up a couple of
days ago, although I think that’s just a matter of naming.


Honestly, I’ve been distracted the past couple weeks with the new
school term (really busy), as well as work at the ODF metadata SC, so
I’ve kind of lost track of this stuff. All the more reason to try to
nail down 1.0 soon.

What I suggest is if/when you’re ready, just update us with proposed solutions.