Citation Style Language

Announcing CSL 1.0.2 release: January 1, 2022

With some delay we’re excited to announce the full release of CSL 1.0.2 on January 1, 2022.

Specifically, starting that day,

  • we will allow styles and locales using 1.0.2 on the master branch of the styles and locales repository
  • we will push all new styles/locales to a new 1.0.2 branch on the respective repository. As a result, the 1.0.1 branch is effectively frozen

We will also try to update the validator ( to 1.0.2 as default.

The visual editor ( will likely lag behind, but we are fully committed to updating that as well.

CSL 1.0.2 is a minor release that only adds variables, terms, and item types. It is backwards compatible: any valid CSL 1.0.1 style is valid in 1.0.2.

Several major processors, including citeproc-js, citeproc-js, and citeproc-pandoc are already compatible with 1.0.2, so we are not expecting this to require significant changes for implementers.

You can find a list of updates in 1.0.2 at Release v1.0.2 · citation-style-language/schema · GitHub

The new schema is at GitHub - citation-style-language/schema at v1.0.2

Please post any organizational questions here, anything substantive about the schema or release should go on GitHub or in a new topic here.

We’re very excited about this upcoming release – thank you too everyone who helped shape it.


1.0.2 is released and all of our tools & systems are updated. Please use new threads for any problems or questions