citeproc-java 0.6 has just been released!

Dear CSL community!

I’m proud to announce the next version of citeproc-java. Version 0.6
comes with cool new features and improved performance:

The highlights in this release are:

  • The binary distribution of citeproc-java contains a command
    line tool [1] that can be used to generate citations and
    bibliographies without setting up a complete development
    environment. Just download and extract the zip file and then
    run `citeproc-java -b references.bib -s ieee’ to create a
    bibliography in ieee style for your BibTeX input file. This
    feature makes the library very useful even for non-programmers.
  • The new Mendeley connector [2] allows you to use documents stored
    in Mendeley Web as input for citations and bibliographies.
    Of course this feature also works on the command line.
  • The library has been tested with the CSL test suite. All
    750+ tests run successfully! I put a lot of work into this
    to bring citeproc-java on par with other CSL processors.

Of course, under the hood the library uses citeproc-js. Without this it
wouldn’t have been possible to implement all these features! Kudos go to
Frank Bennett and all contributors for their great work!

Because all 750+ tests from the CSL test suite and also more than 80
additional tests run successfully I consider citeproc-java very stable.
I put it out as 0.6 because I might be adding more features in the
future. Stay tuned!

Any feedback is appreciated.



Congratulations on the release Michel and thanks for including Mendeley
integration! We’ll forward this on to the platform/API teams here as they
may also find it interesting.


Cool. Thanks, Rob!


congratulations! :slight_smile: