CSL, citeproc-js used in Mendeley Web

Hello citeproc-js and CSL mailing lists,

We would like to share some recent news about Mendeley Web. On the
article pages, like:
, at the bottom, there is a “Cite this document (BETA)”.

It’s Beta because there are still some issues to polish, working on
it, etc. but it’s the first step. Soon will be better.

Behind the scenes is using the Citation Style Language and citeproc-js
as a engine (not the last version, so contains some bugs that has
recently been fixed). The styles currently provided were fetched from
Zotero repository and converted to CSL 1.0.

Also, in Mendeley Desktop, we are working to use citeproc-js as a
citation engine for the next major release (hence the bugreports or
comments to citeproc-js mailing list regarding QtWebKit).

We have added some references to the projects in

Thank-you to everyone who has worked on the CSL 1.0 specification and
processor implementations.

Hopefully this will help to spread CSL and citeproc-js a bit more.

A side note: next week we have an Open Office Friday in Mendeley (20th
August, London):

. If someone wants to come and chat about something (e.g. research,
wishes about citation styles integration in Mendeley, etc. etc.) you
are invited.

Best regards,–
Carles Pina | Software Engineer

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Registered in England and Wales | Company Number 6419015