Citeproc-java 2.0.0 has just been relased

Dear CSL community!

I’m happy to announce the next release of citeproc-java, the CSL processor for Java. citeproc-java is a wrapper around citeproc-js and provides additional features such as the possibility to import from BibTeX files or a handy command line tool.

Some of the highlights in this release are:

  • I updated cite­proc-js to ver­sion 1.2.27
  • The library now sup­ports Java 11 and higher
  • I added a GraalVM JavaS­cript run­ner
  • CSL bib­li­o­graph­ies in YAML format can now be imported

Read more about the release in my blog post:

Download citeproc-java and read the full documentation at the project’s website:

Thanks to Frank Bennet and all contributors for their great work on citeproc-js! Without this library, citeproc-java would not be possible. Also thanks to Alberto Gallardo and Stefan Hagel who contributed to version 2.0.0!