citeproc-java 1.0.0 has just been released!

Dear CSL community!

I’m happy to announce the next release of citeproc-java. Version 1.0.0 comes with many new features and improved performance:

The highlights in this release are:

  • citeproc-java is compatible to Java 8
  • It now has remote connectors for Zotero and Mendeley
  • Improved performance and memory usage
  • Improved command line tool
  • New interactive shell
  • etc.

On macOS you can install the command line tool with Homebrew:

brew tap michel-kraemer/citeproc-java
brew install citeproc-java

Other installation options are available:

citeproc-java uses citeproc-js under the hood. It wouldn’t have been possible to develop it without this great library. So, thanks to Frank Bennet and all contributors for their great work!

Any feedback is appreciated.