Citation Style Language

And="symbol" content

I am sorry if I am reposting something already asked, but the term of the query are too common to be searched, or I could not find anything relevant within the results.
I am trying to understand if there is a correct way for changing the “symbol” option of the and for moltiple authors names into something different than “&”.
I am not finding where this is set and I would like to use a slash instead.
Thank you.

you can’t currently (we might change that in the future), but could you describe what you’re trying to do with a couple of examples of 2-4 authors? It doesn’t sound like it should actually be necessary to use the and symbol.

Thank you very much for you answer! You are perfectly right, I don’t need to change the “and symbol”!
I just realized I had started my custom stylesheet with a bad example that uses the “and symbol” between just two authors, while I was planning to use a simple delimiter between them and I just need to change the “comma space” with my slash!

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