CSL name delimiter

Dear all,

just a quick questions that occurred to me whilst looking at name formatting.

When rendering two authors, as in ‘name_WesternTwoAuthors’ I noticed that the expected behaviour is to use the default delimiter ', ’ when joining the two names. Therefore, I was wondering how this relates to the ‘delimiter-precedes-last’ attribute. From the specs I gather that:

a.) ‘delimiter’ defaults to ', '
b.) ‘delimiter-precedes-last’ defaults to ‘contextual’, which is defined as delimiter is used only for 3+ names
c.) ‘and’ has no default defined

So what is the intended behaviour in the case where the Style defines no attributes at all and two names are to be rendered (as in the one listed above)? The expected result calls for the two names being separated by a comma, but I do not see how this follows from the specification unless it were intended that if ‘and’ is not defined ‘delimiter’ is used between the penultimate and last name regardless of the value of ‘delimiter-precedes-last’. Is this actually the case? Or am I missing something else?



Yes, I think the spec should mention that “delimiter-precedes-last” has no
effect if the “and” attribute is not set.

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