Citation Style Language

Use CSL with LaTeX

I’ve written several styles for BibTeX with its stack-based language, which is rather painful. CSL is a good replacement of BibTeX but it’s not applied to the LaTeX world yet. Is there a plan about CSL with LaTeX and what can I do to contribute?

I’ve thought of two parts. First is a citeproc engine implemented in Lua which is available in every modern TeX distribution. The second is a LaTeX package that interacts with the citeproc engine. The package is mainly used to control the style of the in-text citations.

There are have discussions before in various places, but nothing came out of that so far.

@PaulStanley has been developping a Lua citeproc, but his results got destroyed by a computer hazard. He’s now working on a OCaml citeproc specifically targeted for use with LaTeX. Don’t know what the status of that is.

Then, I’ve brought up the issue on the ConTeXt list, and there’s been the idea that a citeproc in lua could be a nice project for long winter evenings. (Actually, when I’ve asked on the list, I more had using @jgm’s citeproc in mind, but let’s see…) Don’t know how ConTeXt-specific such a lua citeproc will be, or if it will be usuable with lualatex as well.

It seems like it shouldn’t be hard to write a small lua interface between the two.