Anyway to use citeproc with LaTeX?

I’m starting a project and I’d like to use it as a testcase for
citeproc, but I’d really like to continue to do everything else in
LaTeX, because I like TeXShop and I find tables hard in DocBook.

Also I think that adoption would be dramatically increased if we can
figure out a backwards bridge so that citeproc can be a drop-in
replacement for BibTeX. Has anyone done anything in this area or have
any ideas about how to start?

I’m not talking about translating between csl and bsts (that way lies
trauma, IMHO), but rather picking out \cite markers and having
citeproc generate:

a) .bib output (which, after all, is just another reference style
with eg \textit{@title} ) for the bibliography, spitting out a .bib file

b) redefine the \cite command in a latex style file so that it is
replaced with the correct in-text marker generated by citeproc.