uri, id, file names

I’m just now updating the CSL styles to conform to the new schema, and
using that to make sure I have it right of course.

If we use the Atom content model, that means we need to include stable
uri ids for all styles. So I think we need conventions for naming style
titles/names, their file names, and their urls.

In the example I was playing with, I had:

http://www.purl.org/net/xbiblio/csl/styles/apa APA 2006-07-27T04:35:20-07:00

… but I honestly am not sure how to handle this. I just added a style


… but that feels awkward.

Maybe all styles need a full name, and abbreviation, and the latter is
used for the file name and the uri, with the subtitle field for the
full name?


I’m trying to think of an example - all I can come up with is the
weblog ‘using titles in URLs’ convention, which would be something

Yeah, that’s a possibility.

An abbreviation would work in the URL too, as long as there aren’t
conflicts. Why would you put the full name in the subtitle and not the

That’d b fine too, but I do want people to be able to use an API by
creating a CSL object like:


So there needs to be some notion of short titles (which are neither
titles or subtitles of course!).

BTW, reminds me, we need unit tests for citeproc-py! I’d like to get
the API right.