update on link/id, version stuff

So we’re pretty much migrated to github now, including issue trackers.

For example:


I think based on this evolving discussion that one option might be to
keep the zotero.org ids stable, but to add additional information in
the link elements. So perhaps APA becomes:


   <!-- here we includes the link to the particular file, with

content-type (is this correct?) -->

   <!-- here I want to point to an HTML representation of the

style (for previews, comments, etc.); not sure the rel value
also not sure how to deal with versioning here -->

<link href="http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/"


Thoughts from the Zotero, Mendeley, etc. people? Feel free to post
here, or better, on the github issue tracker.


Maybe we could even include a link for a preview?