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Planning next releases: Old issues in issue trackers

I’ve been browsing through the issue tracker in the schema repository, and there are some really old issues, some having labels like “1.0.2” or “1.1”. Does anyone know if they are still relevant? What shall we do about them? If yes we should probably consider them for the 1.1., if not they should be closed. But it’s really long ago…

A couple/few examples?

Just a random sample:

Also, there are a lot of others that clearly deserve to be evaluated again, for example:

Perhaps the real question here is how we can get back on track with all these old issues…

I think the issues with labels should definitely be included, yes. I forgot where these come from (I think I added labels on other repos), but I think the general logic is the same that we’ve been talking about, i.e. only do minor issues in the next release, even if we’ll end up calling it 1.1.

The other issues may warrant another look, but I’d guess they mostly require more discussion

I added them to the project cue while I was looking at them, since these seem like exactly the kind of examples we need to resolve, so a good test of any new workflow.