CSL Agenda 2016

Hi all,

(as you all might remember, as the CSL board we promised to annually
propose goals and priorities for the CSL project
so this is the start of that effort)

In addition to what Sebastian said:

  1. Moving style hosting to www.citationstyles.org
    We’d like to transition from zotero.org style ids, and offer both a GUI
    version of the style repository on citationstyles.org and serve styles from
    there (e.g. for auto-updating). We think this should be the top priority for
    We’ll want a proper hosting solution for this and, if clients will want to
    rely on our site (rather than pulling from github the way Zotero & Mendeley
    currently do) for style updates. We also will want to hire someone to do
    this for us. (Elsevier/Mendeley has already announced they’ll again support
    us, so we have a budget). Sylvester suggested someone to us, but if anyone
    here is interested or has recommendations, that’d be very welcome, too.
    Also, for any of the downstream users of the style–will a global change in
    style ids cause major headaches? Is there anything we can/should do to make
    the transition go smoothly?

We touched on this topic before at
and https://github.com/citation-style-language/styles/issues/2

Unless anybody raises concerns, I think the way to go is to first
start hosting the current styles (with unchanged
"http://www.zotero.org/styles/" style IDs and “self” links) via the
citationstyles.org domain with their proper CSL style MIME type
Once that is up and running we can hammer out the details on how to
change the "http://www.zotero.org/styles/
" URL scheme to something
like “http://styles.citationstyles.org/" or
” (while keeping these URLs
dereferenceable), and decide what to do about style IDs (my preference
would be to keep style IDs and “self” links in sync, like they are

  1. Moving away from sourceforge
    Rintze has mentioned this before, but we’d like to look at moving away from
    sourceforge, which is increasingly spammy, sometimes unreliable, and of an
    uncertain future. We’re thinking most likely www.discourse.org, with a paid
    hosting solution, but are open to alternatives. Also, we want to make sure
    that there’s a way to get data out of Discourse before switching.

We won’t be able to transfer the list archive to discourse easily, but it’ll
keep existing on nabble.com

With all the bad news surrounding SourceForge
I think we should at least be prepared that they might stop hosting
mailing lists or shut down altogether.

Fortunately, SourceForge offers mbox downloads
We could either try our luck with another Mailman hosting service
(http://wiki.list.org/COM/Mailman%20hosting%20services, although I had
a hard time determining which ones are reputable/reliable), or try a
different platform like Discourse (with benefits like editing of
existing posts and syntax highlighting).

It’s relatively easy to set up an instance of Discourse
or we could purchase hosting for $200 per year
(https://www.discoursehosting.com/). It doesn’t look like it’s
possible to directly import a Mailman archive into Discourse, though
and I’m not sure Discourse can import mbox files. I also couldn’t find
good information on the export options in case we’d later want to
migrate away from Discourse.


I mean if the list is moved somewhere else, somebody should let
gmane.org people know so they can retarget their server from
reading the new list. Just that nobody forgets and reminder that
there are people (like me ;)) who prefer NNTP for reading their


Also, I am not attached to the gmane as archive per se (although
it would be probably worthy to include into gmane.org the rest
of the archive as well … http://gmane.org/import.php ; is it
possible to export whole archive from nabble.com?) but I really
prefer NNTP client for processing tons of messages I read every
day (see the User-Agent header of this message). Does nabble
provide NNTP bidirectional gateway as well?



Ah, okay. We’ll keep it in mind if we start hosting the mailing list
elsewhere, although if we switch to a more forum-based platform like
Discourse that most probably wouldn’t work.

I’ll also contact Gmane regarding importing the pre-2011 emails (we
can grab those directly from SourceForge as an mbox file).