Title-case questions

Nick Bart caught a flaw in the citeproc-js title-casing method, and
Emiliano Heyns has done a bunch of additional testing. I’ve rewritten
part of the code for it, mostly to get nested tags to work correctly.
None of the changes impact existing tests, but a few things came up
that I thought I should run past the group.


The method currently balks at the first word after an open parens.
It’s easy to fix, but would it be right to ignore parens, and just
carry title-casing transforms through as if they weren’t there?


In the current method, quoted text is treated as if it were enclosed
in a “nocase” span tag – it is rendered literal, without case
transforms. Is that the right way to handle it? The current code will
need a little more attention before release (it assumes a space after
closing quotes), but I wanted to confirm before putting in more time
on it.

Italics, small-caps, bold

These three are currently ignored for title-casing purposes. I’m
pretty sure that’s right, but thought I would confirm here just to be