test bib schema

FYI, I posted a draft schema I’ve been working on here:


I’ve been talking to a group of mostly publishing people who are
interested in these issues, and this schema is a way to focus
discussion on what I think we need. Ultimately, it may just be used to
press for changes in existing vocabularies like PRISM.


I love this bit! Articulars are common in Dutch and it is so silly to have
to check on two places just to see if a certain person is quoted.

articular refers to examples like “von” or “bin” which typically precede

surnames, but are not sorted on
odbib.articular = element odbib:articular { Literal }

The idea of referencing to a Person from a Paper is a nice one. It might be
a bit more difficult to extract on reference from a list, but the fact that
it pays back by having consistent naming of authors between the references
is a big win.

It much more readable than MODS. Nice work!

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This was exactly the response I was looking for; thanks!

People (for example the library crowd) often complain about RDF being
unwieldy. I was seeing if I could come up with a representation that
beat MODS on this, while also offering more functionality (for our

Storing objects like people and publishers and such as separate
resources (as I do in the example doc) is a classic RDF approach for
the reasons you noted, with an additional benefit that because you’re
using URIs to identify them, you can start to make links across the
internet, rather than just within documents.

See, for example, FOAF.