styling other types of citations

Sorry if this is off-topic, but I’ve been wondering about styles for
other types of citations. Specifically I mean internal citations like
references to figures/tables/sections. These are actually quite
similar, to one way of thinking about it. There’s a referent (like
the full-ref in the bibliography, which has a particular style) and a
reference (like an in-text citation which also has a particular style).

Leaving aside styling the referents, for the moment, how would one
style the references? eg if I wanted:

“as shown in Figure 1, on page 10, blah blah” or

“as shown in Figure 1, above this page, blah blah” or

“as shown in Figure III, over, blah blah”

or for sections:

“as discussed in Section 3, below”

“as discussed in Section III/Three, above”

or even

“as discussed in §3, on page 12”

Obviously these are ‘dynamic’ as the current page/figure number needs
to be calculated.

I don’t use OOo, so perhaps this is already in place, but it seems
that it could be conceptualized/implemented in much the same way as
CSL, with the advantages of named styles (per journal/house style) and
the ability to be used outside OOo. Further the referents actually
end up being used just like other locators. eg “Figure adapted from
Figure 1 in SomeAuthor (2004)”

btw, do the ‘manuals of style’ prescribe this stuff? I know that
some Journals do, but I don’t remember them saying ‘do it as Chicago