Styles with problems available from repository

Is there a policy concerning repository styles that are grossly incomplete or that have significant errors? Clearly, there are styles in the repository with minor problems. Those problems are pointed out by forum participants and get repaired. However, faulty or incomplete but in-progress styles aren’t easily recognized by those who may want to use them. (It is easy for me to make recommendations that I don’t have the skills to implement.) It seems that styles that have major problems should be flagged. This would not only benefit end users, it would also identify the styles that would be a target for volunteers who code.


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generally we’d not accept styles that don’t meet minimum quality standards.
IIRC, that particular style is mainly limited in how it deals with
less-used item types. FWIW, the error reported in that thread is not a CSL
error, but an issue with Zotero/citeproc-js and the Word clipboard.