RDFa, microdata, JSON-LD

Just a head’s up that there’s been some recent movement on bringing
the RDF and the more traditional HTML dev worlds a little closer
together, such that it begins to be possible to specify simpler
vocabularies that can easily map between more-or-less idiomatic JSON,
embedded HTML, and full RDF.

So, for example, a very simple bib example in RDFa 1.1 might be:

The Title

… which could map directly/automatically to this JSON-LD:

"@subject": “http://ex.net/1”,
"@context": “http://biblio.net/”,
"@type": “Book”,
“title”: “The Title”

… and this turtle RDF:

@prefix bib: http://biblio.net/ .

http://ex.net/1 a bib:Book;
bib:title “The Title” .

Depending on how this shakes out, this could be quite interesting for
CSL (and BIBO).