json example

WRT to possible examples, this is something like what we’re working
with in the citeproc/csl test suite (though in csl, the typing works a
little differently):

“uri”: “http://example.org/1”,
“type”: “AcademicArticle”,
“title”: “Some Article”,
“date”: “2003”,
“authors”: [
“uri”: “http://people.org/1”,
“name”: “Doe, Jane”
“uri”: “http://people.org/2”,
“name”: “Smith, John”
] ,
“container”: {
“uri”: “http://example.org/2”,
“type”: “Journal”,
“title”: “ABC Journal”
“volume”: “12”,
“issue”: “2”

So it’s about as simple as one can get, but gives most of the
flexibility of bibo RDF, and can be reliably converted into really
clean such RDF.

I would just expect some conventions to map the “type” values to bibo
URIs. Contributor names are still a challenge though :frowning:


Nevermind; wrong list :wink: