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Somewhere, (unfortunately I can’t remember where it was, maybe github, maye here) I read a CSL team discussion about the need to indicate in a CSL-JSON file which version of CSL the JSON file was representing. I’m wondering if anyone has suggested using JSON-LD “dialect” for the JSON file. If this were used then the @context could point to the name space of the version of the CSL spec used in the file. Also the @language syntax might be useful in expressing the language of a field without requiring an array or a second field. (I was in a discussion on this point with @bwiernik on github. Maybe there are other reasons to not go with JSON-LD but I thought maybe it might be worth a mention if it had not been mentioned before.

see: JSON-LD 1.1
see also:

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This would be my suggestion. Zotero doesn’t yet have a JSON-LD translator, but it’s in the works.


That is really encouraging — that people are thinking about JSON-LD. I note that metadata is also in JSON-LD, will it be simple to convert the translator to also read metadata, or will this necessary be a second translator?

On the Zotero end the goal is to base the JSON-LD on schema to the maximum degree possible

Zotero doesn’t yet have a JSON-LD translator, but it’s in the works.

As a way of outputting Zotero data with a specific schema or a more general way of mapping LD ontologies?

Also, I just wanted to link this because it seems relevant though perhaps outdated:

Has that cross-schema analysis ( already been done?

Wow Lars that is a really interesting conversation.

Looking through my files, it looks like I made a start doing almost 2.5 years ago though it is missing a lot of things. I would be interested in working on this since I was planning to anyway.