Per entry language and hyphenation feature?

Does CSL have a field for specifying a “language” in which a particular
work was created?
In Biblatex it is called language:

Also, does CSL have a way of specifying “locale” on per-item basis. Thus
allowing one entry in the bibliography to be in english “Vol. I”, while
another in “T. I” - in French.
In Biblatex this is achieved with hyphenation:


-Andriy Drozdyuk

csl has a language variable for that, yes.
You can parse that variable to change formatting of items -
citeproc-js alters title casing depending on the content of the
language field - that could include using specific terms for each
language, though that’s not implemented in any processor.
If you’re going to ask more questions, it would help if you explained
more generally what you’re trying to do.

To answer your question, I am just trying to convert my book into an epub
format. As a result I am converting my biblatex bibliography into CSL JSON
I am not really parsing anything, but using pandoc for parsing the json

Also, just to be clear - in Biblatex the “language” and “hyphenation” are
different fields. “language” field simply states that the word is written
in a particular language. It doesn’t affect the formatting of the

I tried to answer that - there is a language field (it’s called
language) that doubles as a “hyphenation” field. How exactly it is
processed depends on the specific csl implementation/processor.