need more styles

OK, here’s the styles we have so far:

apa (author-year)
chicago-a (note, without bib)
nar (number)

I think for the final 1.0 release, we probably ought to have about ten,
in part to make sure we have it all right.

So my proposal is we add:

one or two more chicago variants

I can do these.

But I’d like to have a few more from the sciences, that illustrate in
particular the number and maybe label styles. We do have one (nar), but
a couple more common ones would be nice.

Finally, we need an annotated example.

Does anyone want to volunteer for any of this? Say with a due date of
next Wednesday? There’s no better way to test the language than to
create styles with it.

For creating and modifying styles, a validating editor is the easiest
way to go, and both emacs nxml and oXygen are excellent.