Adding my first style

OK, I have validated, checked the requirements and added one style ‘bioessays.csl’. I will stop there for now, so you guys can give it a quick check before I commit a few more. Sorry for the extra work, I just want to make sure I get it right for this first time, and won’t bother anymore after that…

Here is the commit on github:


Charles Parnot
twitter: @cparnot

a couple of things I noticed looking over this:

  1. Any style only has one citation-format - this one is numeric (l. 14-16)
  2. Styles are easier to manage if they don’t contain empty affixes
  3. et-al-use-first should always be at least 1 smaller than et-al-min
  • anything else doesn’t make sense and may cause odd behavior (if e.g.
    both are 4, for an issue with would a style print the first for
    authors and then et-al? you s
  1. Styles should avoid multiple spaces and instead either use display
    options or (in this case) bibliography options, i.e.
  2. Where available a link to a style guide (with rel=“documentation”)
    will greatly facilitate future work on the style.


Yikes, good points. I think the style was generated by our user with the CSL online editor, and that probably explains the empty affixes. I’ll address all these points, thanks so much for the quick feedback! FWIW, the other styles I want to add are derived from another style and all have ‘template’ and ‘documentation’ links.


Some mostly minor changes:

  • alternatives-to-animal-experimentation.csl was invalid CSL because of a
  • I added ISSNs to journal-specific styles. doesn’t (yet)
    allow users to search by ISSN, but it unambiguously links a style to a
    journal, so I like adding them.
  • as you might or might not know, CSL supports quite a bit of localization.
    As journal-specific styles are typically only published in a single
    language, the “default-locale” attribute should be set to the locale
    required by the journal.
  • I typically replace ampersands in the journal title name by “-and-” in
    the CSL style file name.
  • finally, I didn’t add them yet, but we could add dependent styles for the
    various Biochimica et Biophysica Acta journals. It helps inflate our total
    style count (useful for quick comparisons with our non-CSL competitors),
    and makes styles for the individual journals easier to find.

Thanks for contributing, by the way. It’s appreciated.


Thanks for all the extra pointers. I am sorry about the validation, I thought I had them all validated, but I must have botched this one. Same for the localization, I had only added it to the first one, then forgot on the others. I need to set up some CSL TextMate CSL bundle or something, to help make that a little more reliable.

Adding the ISSN is an excellent idea, I had not realized it was part of the schema as well.

I checked again to be sure, but indeed all the BBA journals have the same instructions wrt references, so that should work. I’ll do it, then, to see if I can get it fully right this time :wink:


Charles - Avram wrote a shell script for making dependent styles:
I use that with another script that reads line by line from a csv file

  • so no need to do the dependent styles all by hand.

Thanks, I have added the dependent styles to the repo, hopefully all good this time!

Nope :slight_smile:

They all have the same style ID (value of the cs:id element).

RintzeOn Wed, Jan 4, 2012 at 5:19 PM, Charles Parnot <@Charles_Parnot>wrote:

Ah, f**k, this is ridiculous, sorry!! Will fix asap :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, it’s correct now (I think :slight_smile:

I see you already deleted the BBA Biomembrane already, I was going to bring that up. Thanks!


Actually, I will add the ISSNs as well. Myabe I’ll deserve a cookie, finally.