Names label position

I noticed that some tests seem to make use of the order of the cs:name
and cs:label nodes inside cs:names. I had not thought of that before,
but it’s an elegant way to specify the placement (i.e., does the label
come before or after the names).

Here is an example of a test that seems to mandate this behaviour:

I’m only bringing this up, because I could not find anything about this
in the spec. It actually says this about the labels in cs:names:

“The optional cs:label element (see label) must be included after the
cs:name and cs:et-al elements, but before the cs:substitute element.”

So it even says the cs:label must come after cs:name - is this still the
case? I think that test case gives a good example where the label/name
order can be quite useful, but the way the spec reads seems to suggest
to me that this is actually invalid?


That might have been an oversight on my part when writing the spec.
The schema clearly allows cs:label either before or after the group of
cs:name and cs:et-al. See

[ a:documentation [ xhtml:h2 [ “cs:names Rendering Element” ] ] ]
div {
rendering-element.names =
element cs:names {
((, & names.label*),


Thanks for looking this up Rintze!

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