point locator

OK, I checked in the change we just discussed on name ordering.

I’m now working on the locator issue.

First, I removed the attribute to suppress the label.

Here’s what I have now:

 cs-locator = element cs:locator { cs-locator-pattern }
 cs-locator-pattern =
   (cs-number & (cs-text|cs-label)?)?,

Text alone won’t cut it, because it’s not clear how we say to grab a
label that varies depending on the locator.

So I’m using “label” here similar to the “role” element.

Problem is, I use “label” elsewhere to refer to the id for the
reference; e.g. [doe99].

What should we do here? Am a little fried having been working on other

Earlier, BTW, I had a separate element for this: point-locator.


Would or work? Perhaps just use again?
(I’m not especially inspired either.)

There’s certainly something to be said for using the same element for this
label as for what’s now , seeing as they seem to serve the same


svn commit -m "removed cs:role, replaced with generic cs:label; added

delimiter attribute to cs:group; updated styles"

I think that’ll work. That’s all today …