Mapping to the user interface

Is it a design goal of CSL that a software maker could create a word
and formatter that, just from reading a CSL file, could tell a user what
are needed for a particular style and document type and then format a
and bibliography accordingly?

To accomplish what I wanted here, what about just adding a label element?

I don't really understand how authors and dates are modeled, so I can't make a suggestion there, but I want something like Without this kind of mapping, a user can't use a new CSL until his word processor's maker issues new UI mapping software. No? Would the above or something like it fix that? John

Only if you speak English. In Zotero, we have our own model that
handles all of this already, but we also handle localized strings,
etc. We just map this onto CSL. Our interface supports more types
than CSL does, but the assumption is that these just get mapped to
the types closest in terms of formatting.