<macros>/<defaults> debate

Here’s an example of an issue I’m encountering that may advance the / debate:

I want the following format defined in :

http://purl.oclc.org/emls/05-2/sohmlear.htm [accessed 28 January 2000]”

The following would work:

… but as of now in not allowed in the defaults section.

I could do something like this:

… but this isn’t elegant.

How would each side solve this minor issue?

Note that there really are no “sides” here, in the sense that I’m not
opposed to the macro idea. I just don’t think we should make a major
change without some certainty that it’s needed, and that we avoid
negative unintended consequences of such a change.

How about:

(which is, as far as I know, allowed under the current schema, and
probably better than the second option since if there is no date,
“accessed” will not be printed)