Indented by author style

I don’t think I’ve had to do one of these yet. What do you need to specify
for this sort of thing. There appear to be three levels of indent. none for
author, then a second level for the main part, which is a hanging format if
it exceeds one line.

Castles, Stephen
1990 Here for Good. London: Pluto Press.
Bonacich, Edna, and John Modell
1975 The Economic Basis of Ethnic Solidarity: Small Business in the Japanese
Community. Berkeley: University of California Press.
Gallimore, Ronald
1983a A Christmas Feast. New York: Oxford University Press.
1983b Holiday Gatherings in the Pacific Northwest. Berkeley: University of
California Press.


I’ve come across this before. It’s more complex than you realize. It’s
essentially a list grouped by author, where each group gets labelled
with the author (the grouping key), but the entries within each group
omit it.

[aside: I guess one could consider all author-date styles to involve
grouped lists as well.]

In short, this use case was covered earlier with grouping support in
the bibliography element. I’m not sure, but that may have dropped out
in he new revision.

Come to think of it, there’s something else that dropped out: the list
element, which included specifying the heading for the list (“Works
Cited”, “References”, etc.). Styles specify them, so we should
support encoding it.

We need to figure out what to do about these two issues.