grouped lists

So someone on the Zotero forums reminded me that we need to address
the grouped list support that we earlier had, but which dropped out in
the schema revision.

In that support, cs:bibliography had a cs:list child. Here’s the
schema fragment:

Configures the formatting for headings, and optional sectioning.

div {
cs-list =
element cs:list {
element cs:heading {
element cs:text {
attribute term-name {
“references” | “works cited” | “bibliography”

## Handles grouping in reference lists.
Section =
  element section {
     > element subsection {
         Section-group-options, cs-list.heading, cs-list.type*

## Section-group-options
div {

  ## The grouping logic is such that if a reference is not included
  ## in a specified group, then it is understood to be a part of a
  ## default group. If, for example, one configures a "not cited"
  ## section, then all cited references are part of a default group.
  Section-group-options =

    ## Criterion to use for grouping. The "named group" option
    ## is a user or application selectable category that is not
    ## covered by the other options.
    attribute group-by {
      "author" | "type" | "notcited" | "year" | "named group"

    ## Where named group is used, the name to group on.
    (attribute group-name { text }
       ## Where type group is used, the type to group on.
       attribute group-type { cs-types.optional_list })?
cs-list.type =
  element cs:type {
    attribute name { text }
cs-list.heading =
  element heading {
    attribute type { "author" | "year" }


No one ever implemented it (me included), but I think the basic design
was sound.

Is there any reason I should not just add it as is (adapted to new
schema of course)?

I suppose I’d want to look at keeping it simple so that it’d be easy
to implement in a GUI, but beyond that I can’t see any problems.