[IMPORTANT] comments needed on grouping

re: this item:


My current thinking is that CSL does not need to explicitly support
grouped bib sections, but that CSL implementations should (it’s an
important feature for many).

But to completely leave this out of the CSL syntax would presume the
following, I think:

Let’s presume an API with two contexts: “citation” and "bibliography.“
Each of these are lists of items. We’ll call the bibliographic items

  1. every “reference” may have an optional “group” token

  2. ordering of the groups in the list layout is determined outside of
    CSL, as are the headings associated with each group

  3. we don’t care about any automatically-generated sectioning (by
    year, author, etc.)

If people agree with my analysis, I’ll close the ticket. But if I do,
should we include anything about this in the spec?

If people don’t agree, then we need to consider adding back syntax to
configure that stuff.