How to represent data for a tv show?

I’d like to cite a TV show using Chicago notes. How would one tag the data, and do CSL’s even have renderings for that type? Thanks!

It’d be a “broadcast”, but I’d guess they’d typically get rendered using
generic formatting, which would probably result in some missing data.

Thanks Bruce, I was hoping for an example, so I could see how things like director, writers, network, series, and episode were represented.

Zotero exports ‘tvShow’ as CSL ‘broadcast’, with fields mapped to variables as shown here:

(e.g., Network as ‘publisher’, Series [Program Title] as ‘container-title’). Director is mapped to ‘author’. Writers are not currently exported at all. A more proper way would be to export Director as CSL ‘director’. Supporting Writer, Producer, and other TV (and film, music, and other media) roles properly would require additions to the CSL spec (see discussions here and here