Director Mapping

Going off this discussion on the Zotero forums

The emerging consensus seems to be to map director for films (and
probably related items) to CSLs director only and not, as we currently
do in Zotero and Mendeley (at least) to author.
The main implication would be that we’ll start switching styles to add
substitute elements with cs:director in them and that we’d potentially
test for the presence of that variable.

Are there any concerns about this? I don’t see much that can
happen–if you keep the mapping to author, styles will pretty much
continue as they did before–but I may be overlooking something. If
so, let us know.

We may consider similar adjustments to dealing with primary creator
types in the future, so if there are any general concerns, let us

Thank you and best,

Fine with me.


I agree it looks like it won’t break existing CSL styles and processors, which means it’s good.


The only inconvenience I see is that the author is easier to include in PDF
files (requires no separate namespace, can be added manually in Acrobt.exe)
and search engines would first look for that variable.
Some document organization software have a column for author and it would
have to be tweaked to display the director here. But if this becomes an
accepted and widely used best practice, I’ll adjust my programm accordingly.

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fine with me too.