How to adapt author's given name format in CSL

maybe my question belongs again to a third party’s software mapping but I want to be sure: I would like to know if there is a possibility in an author macro to set the format how the authors of a publication appear in bibliography. I see in the csl documentation that there are “short” and “long” format settings and when I try these in the online editor I see the given names appear or not. But I need a setting with whom I cannot only let the given names appear or not but also to set the format that the given names follow: abbreviation (e.g. W.) or not (e.g. William).
In the CSL documentation I did not find any settings which can let me switch between given name abbreviation or not.
Thanks in advance for the answer
F. Fritze

The specific thing you’re looking for is initialize-with=". "
The full list of possible options are in the specification for cs:name:

Thanks for the response. I have got an additional question to this topic. I use the APA style which I downloaded from the csl editor page and which has got in the author macro the initialize-with=". " attribute. But when I import it into our bibliography system. The first author with his given name is displayed in full length without abbreviation. So referring to my initial question could this be the result of a wrong interpretation of the csl style and therefore an erroneous interpretation within the bibliography system which should print out a publication list? In other word: Do I need to fix the bibliography system and not the csl style instead?
F. Fritze

Correct; the APA style does initials for all authors. If it doesn’t, that’s a problem with your software. You can look at authoritative previews of all styles at

Thanks again. That was helpful.