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Harvard referencing

Hello all

Currently I am using Mendeley as the Reference platform for my assignments.

I need to know the correct HARVARD REFERENCING for this citation:

Storey, (1995)

Need some help here, please !!!

Thanks a million

Just answered by email:
These aren’t actually different citation styles but a different use of citations in different contexts. If you mention the author in the text, you’d just cite the name (“As Storey (1995) argues…”). When you don’t mention the author in the text, you put the whole reference in parentheses (“Human Resource Management is defined as xyz (Storey 1995)”).

To get the former in a citation format, type the author in the text and use the “suppress author” function in Mendeley’s Word add-on (see the bottom of this page: 08. Editing citations | Mendeley). This will work with any of the Harvard and/or author-date style.

Any further questions about this would be for Mendeley support.