grouping example

Simon asked for an example. Here’s one from the older schema, where I
was trying to model a style. I’ll edit out all but the relevant parts.
In general, this is a good test of CSL, as it not only has the grouping
stuff, but also original and translated/transliterated titles, names,

Japanese Journal of Religious Studies ... <source

>journal style guide
An interesting test case. On one hand, it shows common issues in
the humanities
with support for internationalization and grouping references by
type (primary/secondary).
OTOH, it has a quite non-standard requirement to group the
published sources by author.

   Author [Kanji name]
   Year Title ...

   CSL handles it well, but I think I still need: label and tab (and  

space?) fields.

<bibliography author-as-sort-order="first-author"  

<use-et_al min-authors=“4” use-first=“3”/>


Primary Sources

Published Sources

Unpublished Sources

Secondary Sources