et al handling

OK, as I’m working on the new et al handling, I’m left with a question.
Which of the following options?

  1. The formatting of “et al” is defined in each context. So for
    citation I may have:

et al.
et al.

  1. Define that only once, but still separately for citations and
    reference lists:

  2. add config of “et al” elsewhere, a la terms.

    <et_al renderas="et al."/>

… and <use-et_al min-authors=“4” use-first=“3”/> in the citation and
bibliography element.

Am leaning toward option 3.


Hello Bruce,

Option 3 seems the simplest to me. I still have to come along an
article that uses anything other than “et al.” let alone one that
uses a different string for the citation and reference lists.


That’s what I was thinking. However, I seem to recall that some
styles use some different string to represent the same thing, which is
why I keep it configurable. Certainly in Kanji it’d be different :wink: