[dev-biblio] RE: [users-biblio] Comments & clarifications for dev & users list msgs

I have a slightly different requirement, that may be covered by what
write above. In writing a large document (e.g. a thesis or book) I
like to list references at the end of each chapter, and then
consolidate all
those references at the end of the work.

I’d like this too.

There are some complications to this. If an Author-Year citation
system is
employed it must be ensured that consistent postscripts (e.g. Thornley,
2005a; Thornley, 2005b) are used throughout. If a numbered citation
is employed the numbering would have to be consistent throughout

If the formatting system is designed correctly this isn’t a problem.
The XSLT system I am currently working on was started for a quite
pragmatic purpose: to format my book. That book is just a bunch of
separate chapter files assembled exactly like a master document system
would be.

The only possible wrinkle is that I don’t know how OOo deals with
master documents internally.