multi-bib/grouping thoughts

cc-ing Norm …

Re: issue of chapterbib or multibib like functionality in the
stylesheets, I just had an idea:

This shouldn’t be the job of CSL to configure (globally), but rather
document-specific. So while citeproc currently just requires a
top-level citation-style parameter, it should also allow local styling;
e.g. to add this to a chapter:

… or something like that. I’m not quite sure how to do that in the
XSLT, though I think tunnel parameters help.

Doing so would depend on the markup in the document schema, however.
For example, I’m not sure how I’d configure in DocBook a biblist in
which legal cases would be grouped separately from newspaper articles,
which would both be grouped separately from the rest of the references.
[where, to be clear, the bib metadata is stored outside the document,
and where all grouping and sorting is handled by my stylesheets]

This is prompted by a question on the TeX list where a guy wants a
numeric style for each of his thesis chapters, and then an author-year
biblist for the entire thesis at the end (!).